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Selling A Home

Before you can seriously house-hunt, you may want to consider putting your home on the market. Let us help you get your house in order so that you can get it sold quickly.

What's involved with selling my home?
Selling your home involves time, energy, and a great marketing strategy.

Making the Decision
Before you start seriously looking at buying another home, you may have to put your home on the market. Weigh your options and assess your reasons for a making a move. Are you being transferred? Needing a larger home? If you want to have a smaller mortgage payment, it may be feasible to retain your existing home as an income producing asset. You may want to consider refinancing if the current rates are lower than your fixed rate.

Preparing to Sell
As a seller, you have several factors to consider regarding the sale and marketing of your home. You can choose to sell your home “By Owner,” you could choose to work with a real estate professional, we know the best agents who specialize in your area – give us a call.

Compare Sales
Do your homework. Check around to see what other homes are selling for in your neighborhood. The rule of thumb is to look at the recent home sales within the last couple of months. If you live in a subdivision or community, it’s a little easier to get an idea of your home’s value and expected days on the market. See if you can access the sales data online with your county tax records. Most states and counties are working toward updating and storing their records online.

Proper Pricing
Sure you want to make as much as you can on the sale of your home, the crucial trick is to not price yourself off the market. Think of your home as another product that people want to buy. The newer you can make your home appear and the more competitive you can be with your asking price, the greater your chances are of a quick sale. It’s all in the marketing.

Tell the story about your neighborhood
We’ve all heard that “location” is key to home sales. When you’re putting your home on the market include the attractive features of your neighborhood on any advertising flyers. Buyers are interested in your area schools, amenities, shopping centers, and distances to cities and airports. Don’t assume that all the buyers who come to see your home know the selling features of the area—be sure to tell them and sell them.

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