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Many things can contribute to credit problems, medical bills, moving expenses, the loss of an income and the rising cost of everyday items.   These among many other possibilities are just a few of the factors that millions of people experience.

Whether you are currently in a period of financial hardship, if you are overextended financially due to credit card debt or personal loans, if you are considering bankruptcy or even if you have already filed bankruptcy, you are not alone. For many, managing finances seems to be more difficult with the passing of time, and as it does, so do the situations and decisions one has to face.

This section examines typical scenarios regarding credit and debt problems. There are solutions to reducing and eliminating debt. This section walks you through what items you can take charge of to improve your credit standing. You definitely want to review this data if you are considering bankruptcy. You can select from topics contained in the navigation at the left side of your screen.

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